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    Click to enlarge:SBR12-20N Series SBR12-20N Series

    Stand-on Stackers
    AC Power
    1.2 – 2.0  tonnes

    Load Capacity
    SBR12N 1200 kg
    SBR16N 1600 kg
    SBR16NI 1600 kg
    SBR20N 2000 kg
    Click to enlarge: SBR12-20N Series

    Click to enlarge: SBR12-20N Series

    For duties which involve horizontal movement over large distances, as well as stacking, our stand-on stackers are ideal. Importantly, these trucks are very compact and can work in narrower aisles than a reach truck. A choice of three load capacities is available: 1.2, 1.6 and 2.0 tonnes.The first two models will lift to a height of 6.5 m and the 2.0 tonne model to 6.3 m. Using the optional side stabilisers, residual capacity during higher lifts is increased.

    Productivity is optimised by fast travel and lifting speeds, advanced electronic technology and ergonomic design. The operator enjoys quick on-off access, a comfortable standing position, good visibility and highly efficient fly-by-wire steering.


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